uI've heard it said, "The best advice is advice that's been asked for." But who can wait that long?


uGrowing old isn’t for sissies  

uI have learned not to take myself too seriously.

uI have learned that time spent outdoors gardening, walking (especially with a friend) and riding my bike allows me to relax, reflect and just enjoy the world in all of it's glory. A little dirt and sweat never hurt anyone.

uStephen Dunn: Praise whatever you can. 

uHappiness does not necessarily follow from what you have acquired or what you have accomplished.  Happiness follows from satisfaction with what you have and who you are.

uThings learned in life:

1) Re women: Never, ever, ever offer a quick solution to their perceived complex and emotionally charged problems. Simply listen, listen, listen.

2) Re children: Refrain from setting specific goals for them or suggesting a life path. Instead, influence by example and simply love them. They will amaze you.

3) Re work: Pursue that which offers a sense of meaning and purpose, to the highest quality standards possible, and always with absolute integrity.

4) Re spirituality:  "Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines." ( Satchel Paige)

5) Re attitude: (Repeat comment from last reunion - again Satchel Paige - but worthy of another mention))

         “Work like you don’t need a job, Love like you've never been hurt,  And dance like nobody's watching"

uLive each moment as though it were your last- it may be!


uHardly profound, but one thing I've learned is that life is too damned short to spend very much of it doing things you don't enjoy.

uI learned shortly after high school that students of mathematics and physics really need to learn carburettor repair.  Later on, that lesson expanded to include transmission rebuilding. and most recently fuel injection systems. 

u Through all things, this somehow always soothes my soul"If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice"  (Meister Eckhart)



A. The unmerited grace of God.

B.  The love and support of family and friends, especially my wife, Marcia.

C.   A vocation I find meaningful, ministry (Remember, I’m the guy who was introduced at our 10th reunion, “Here’s Ronnie MacLennan, voted `most likely to succeed’; became a minister.  What went wrong” [The only negative introduction, pronounced in utter seriousness.  I’ve been laughing for forty years).

u A LEARNING EXPERIENCE:  I had a stroke in March (am getting along pretty well).  Nonetheless, we (Marcia and I) took an extended Mediterranean cruise we had already planned.  WE curtailed some activities, but I learned to focus on what I can do, and how wonderfully supportive most people are.

uMy children taught me patience and my dogs taught me to live in the moment.

uCarpe diem - live every day as if it were your last.  

-Say everything you need to say to everyone you need to say it to, and do everything you want to do.

-Don't take yourself too seriously, it isn't always all about you.  

-Do some things that scare you to death!

-Love unconditionally!


uWe have been blessed with good health,wonderful friends and family.  What more could one ask for.

What I wish I knew then that I know now -- take the risk!  Don't always take the safe path.  If it is frightening it is probably something you will learn and grow from.


uIt is what it is and its not going to change, so deal with it.  OR,

They are who they are and they aren't going to change, so deal with them.  Recognizing that the change has to come from me is the challenge.


u(to my children) “You have one ticket to ride.  Are you going on your ticket or someone else's?"


uFrom college days I remember a sorority alum who spoke to our pledge class and gave us

three adages from Greek mythology:  Know Thyself, Get Excellence, and Nothing in Excess.

I have never forgotten it.  


uThe one thing that I've always told people is to never lose your sense of humor


uLessons Learned: How little I know

u Lessons learned, but values have distilled

          Things change


uLife has many dents and bruises as well as marvelous times.


uI have wonderful kids who are constantly challenging my thinking.  My son, Stephen, recently summarized life as a series of peaks and valleys, the peaks being moments in life when everything comes together, and the valleys the low points in life.  He explained that his goal is to extend the peaks for as long as possible and reduce the amount of time given over to the valleys.  Having survived the war in Vietnam, one thing I brought back was the wisdom of straight-forward thinking by the soldiers I met over there.  Stephen's idea fit that category perfectly.


u"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"

                                      George Eliot


uOne thing I've struggled with is "letting go".  So this aphorism works for me:  OKAY, YOU'RE RIGHT............................SO WHAT


u “Parenting is a lifetime commitment”                                        “Boogie While you can”