bios 2022
Norman Yoffee
In January, 2111 I officially retired from the University of Michigan and moved full-time to our vacation house in Santa Fe, NM.

In 2012 I taught a grad seminar at UNLV, present on campus for one month per year for 3 years. I then co-taught a grad seminar at the University of New Mexico for a semester (commuting via rail). Subsequently I joined teaching projects at the University of Tuebingen and then the University of Bonn in Germany. I also lectured in universities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, and Japan as well as in several American universities. Finally, I wrapped up my teaching by lecturing at the University of Buenos Aires for a month after which I spent 3 months at the Getty Museum in LA on a research quest.

During retirement I managed to edit 2 books (Early Cities in Comparative Perspective and The Evolution of Fragility) and write a few journal artiles. I no longer research and don't write much, but I still maintain editorship of the series of books, Cambridge World Archaeology. Taking Spanish classes and playing golf are my principal activities now.

(The photo -- after the Index of bios--is of me and Barbara, taken last May on the occastion of our birthdays celebration at the La Posada Hotel, Winslow, AZ).

INDEX of bios

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3. Job (Lemmon)
4. Hantover
5. Siler (Rowland)
6. Pritchard
7. McGee
8. Goodwin
9. Weber (Wien)
10. Curtis
11. McCaffrey
12. Carlson (Nilsson)
13. Boyle
14. Shoemaker (Jenks)
15. Rollins
16. Manley
17. Sandford
18. Summers (Rich)
19. Hirschklau (Lewis)
20. Evans (Hoyt)
21. Klee
22. Koshland
23. Evey (Dailey)
24. Grossmann
25. Kleinman (Cole)
26. Schneider (Stevens)
27. Mc Allister (Halbeck)
28. Jacobson
29. Waterhouse (Lenge)
30. Cozad
32. Gilmore
33. Stauffer (Henry)
34. Levi
35. Jakes (Throckmorton)
36. Litman
37. Star
38. Judd
39. May (Bauer)
40. Austin (Feild)
41. Pillsbury
42. Paull (Levitch)
43. Fischer (Pugh)
44. Campbell
45. Willmert
46. Elman (Bufton)
47. Grantham (Richards)
48. Russell
49. Palmer
50. Behrens
51. Loosli (Clay)
52. Shelton
53. McDermet
David Litwack
Rescued by Donna; then together we rescued Rosie and Alphie. Watched in amazement as grandchildren surpassed grandfather--physically and intellectually. Careened from big shot data communications gig to long-shot wanna-be writer. Now all I need are readers to agree. See The Mystery of the Big Booger and Land of the Sun, Land Without Light. Coming soon Algerie Mon Amour for Michael Threehats. Also various stories and poems in lit mags.
Virginia L Job (aka Ginnie Lemmon)
In 2017, Jerry and I moved from KC to Mill Valley, CA (a charming little town just across the Golden Gate from SF) to help spoil grandchildren. So far so good :-) Walking distance to shops, cafes, cinema, art galleries, a book store and beautiful library. Great climate and people...surrounded by Redwoods and Democrats! Joined a Unitarian congregation and enjoy the diversity. Found two book groups, still zoom with two in KC. Volunteer with environmental and art groups and helped a friend edit her novel. Jerry found golf buddies, a men's coffee group, and a senior softball team which won a Palm Springs tourney. We miss out favorite, familiar theatre and music venues in KC, but are learning which local ones are good. Love Mill Valley and annual Art Fair. Come stroll the beach with us!
Jeff Hantover
Since the last reunion, I continue to live and write in New York City. I have published a bunch of poems and some short fiction in several literary journals. I have two historical novels and a contemporary novella coming out in the next year.

Suzanne Siler aka Suzie Rowland
Attended Baker University undergraduate school and a masters degree in Counseling from UMKC. I first worked for the State Welfare department and Shawnee Mission School District as a social worker. Western Missouri Mental Health Center/Alcohol -drug Rehab/detox and community development was my second work home followed by 30 years at Hickman Mills School District as coordinator of prevention, intervention programs and carried a case load of "at risk" and much loved teens: served on the Ewing Kauffman Prevention task force and the Jackson County Prevention/Intervention committee under direction of Claire McCaskill followed by retirement, part-time consulting and the last 15 years pursuing my passion and love of photography...just this past January received my National PPA Masters Certification. "You're never too old to meet a goal"! The picture is of myself and another one of our Southwest classmates Carol Sherer Fogel, high school, college roommates and life-long friends. I'm the one in black.
Paul Pritchard
Since my last bio, life has taken unimaginable twists and turns. First, my wife, Susan, passed away days before our 50th reunion. Time passed and Sharon and I discovered each other online. Sharon is from another world, M.D. and PhD pain expert. I am the her guinea pig, the source of her pain. In the last 10 years, we have taken on 5 grandchildren and expecting more from our 4 wonderful "children." I continue my life in conservation. We live in the Gainesville, FL metropolitan area on 17 acres at the edge of a National Natural Landmark, everyday discovering birds, flowers and big critters, i.e., gators. When I think back on my many blessings, the list always includes our high school class. Reading Edith Hamilton's "The Greek Way in high school and learning about "philos" aptly reflects my sentiment.
Molly McGee
I'm coming to the reunion but probably only Sat night. The last 10 years or so, I've been traveling, seeing friends, and bought a winter house in Indian Wells--Emily Rich Summers and I live in the same club--amazing. I also have reconnected with my high school boyfriend, Jon Browne. He is a widower and recently retired from his orthopedic surgery practice. I'm having a great time, still healthy and active, thank goodness, and keeping up with some old Southwest buddies.
Tom Goodwin
For the last 10 years, I have been practicing law in my law firm. My daughter is now the comanaging partner of Goodwin and Goodwin. My brother and I started the firm in 1970 when I graduated from Harvard Law. Except for spending four years as the Chief of Staff for then Gov. Jay Rockefeller, I spend most of my time with my wife, two daughters, their husbands, and six grandchildren. My work has always been related to the practice of law and to a certain extent dealing with the farm work on my property. I am as happy as I can be and consider myself very blessed. My picture in the conference toom at my law office.
Marcia Wien Weber
I semi-retired in 2014 but am not retirement material, so I still have a couple of part-time jobs in accounting, and I started in H & R Block doing taxes last year. Travelled a bit, adding Portugal and the Czech Republic to the list as well as revisiting Israel after 30 years. Survived the Covid pandemic, which I found very challenging, but I learned I can stay home. Still playing golf, reading a lot, and enjoying my grandchildren who visited again this summer and are now in their 20's! We are trying to stay active and healthy and hope you are doing the same.
That's my husband, Alan, in the photo. Married 59 years.

Greg Curtis
In the months after the 2012 reunion I returned to Austin to realize that one long chapter in my life had ended and I needed to turn toward something new. My wife Tracey had died in 2011 and my four children were all happily married with families of their own. So what now? I quickly found an answer. I had traveled to Paris often with my wife and now I began to return there to live for five or six months every year. During two spring semesters I took courses at the Sorbonne. From January to May 2019 I rented an apartment near Val-de-Grace and wrote a book called Paris Without Her, an account of times in Paris together with Tracey and my experiences afterward while living there alone. It was published in 2021. I am currently working on another, very different book.
Tom McCaffrey
Post 50th, climbed Mr Adams in Sri Lanka to view Sunrise/Shadow and toured Maya sites in Guatemala/Honduras. Completed Clinical Psychology Doctoral Degree at Duke/University of Texas, then launched Vagabond Year with walk across Sahara Desert, teking/cultural adventures to Patagonia, the Himalayas, Indochina, Machu Pichu. 500+ mile Camino Santiago Pilgrimage. Trip to Dharamsala, India for personal "chat" with the Dali Lama, to Amritsar with Sikh acquaintance to explore their Golden Temple, to Ireland to locate birth homes of Grandmother/Grandfather. Special places, many new friends. Purchased house in the hills above Santa Fe, NM and launched Psychology Practice. Got involved in civic matters and was elected to 2022 Leadership Santa Fe Class. Invited to Taos Writers' Conference this July. Sit on some boards, hike a lot, ski/snowshoe some, dabble in Southwest cooking, write a bit, groom dog, visit family. Simple pleasures. Still live active life though more settled. That's fine for now.
Caryn Nilsson Carlson
Since 2012 I have been on many trips. Some I took with friends, some with my husband, some with family, some with grandchildren. One of my favorites was going to Royals Spring training in Arizona with my husband, son and grandsons. Another favorite trip was to Ireland with a friend. It was hard to drive on the left and maneuver narrow streets with no street signs. In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer which luckily was caught early. After chemo, radiation, and infusions, and loss of hair I came thru a much more grateful person. We were able to go to Australia and New Zealand just before that pandemic hit. I have been subbing a lot in special education classes. We down to one car so I ride my bike to sub on occasion. We just returned from Germany where we able to see the Passion Play.
Thomas Boyle
Cheers to the great class of '62! (I would have sent the pic of me scooping Labrador poop, but I wasn't smiling, returning from a duck hunt, I was. People like to talk about their high school experience and all I can do is shake my head. There's no way to adequately explain how great mine was, thanks to all of you. I hope all 404 of us went in directions that met with your satisfaction. I'm happy to report, MINE DID! I retired to Bend, Oregon until 5 years ago, moving to Alberton, MT. I'm a 51 year marriage survivor with 3 children. Disgusting good health allows me to hunt and fish on occasion. There's a second home in Oxford, MS where we go, temps permitting, to visit family and college friends living there. I'm not sure I can attend or not but I salute you, GREAT classmates of '62!
Ellen Jenks Shoemaker
(From Overland Park). The major changes for me have been a 2nd grandchild, now 8 years old, and his sister now 10 years old. We are blessed to have them live in Olathe where we are able to see them often. You will be amazed with all the changes in our metro area. And yes, we defeated those who wanted to challenge a woman's right to choose. Even in a majority red state.
John Rollins
In 2000 Rollins sold AZTECH Software Corporation, which he founded in 1968. Completely exhausted, he retired! AZTECH was the country's largest software firm exclusively serving not-for-profit organizations.
From 2001-2014 Rollins served as a professor on the faculty of George Washington University School of Business where he taught Entrepreneurship to students desiring to start new businesses. In 2009 he founded the GW New Venture Competition to provide free start-up funding for student-founded businesses.
Rollins is now again retired and serves on a few voluntary non-profit boards, primarily in the Washington DC community where he and his wife have lived for 50 years. When he's not attending reunions of his Southwest High, Dartmouth and Stanford B-school graduating classes, he enjoys playing golf. The only thing more important is taking walks, playing, and vacationing with his five grandchildren, ages 5 to 14.
Sallie Manley
During the past 30 years, I have had the very fortunate opportunity to practice probate, trusts, estate planning, elder law in California, particularly San Diego County. During this period, I have been able to work with many wonderful clients, help support their life-long efforts to pass on intergenerational wealth to family members, to optimize their own quality of life, often while they deal with ongoing health challenges.
Personal pursuits:
Taking in the natural beauty of San Diego County by hiking along the coast and in the mountains and desert areas, appreciating the geological landscapes, fresh fragrant air, diverse plant and animal life.
Reading and exploring online: classics, history, especially cultural and religious histories as they arose, morphed, and have evolved to shape our lives today.
Most recently: nutrition as it affects blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, overall health.
Maxwell (Brook) Sandford
I have been fully retired from Univ. of California, Los Alamos National Laboratory, since 2006, and did some visiting scientist work for two years after. In the last ten years my wife, Jana, and I made National Geographic Expeditions to Alaska's inner passage, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as to places in our southwest US. We curtailed more travel owing to COVID and as of yet have not been infected, perhaps due to being doubly vaccinated and doubly boosted. We spent much of the time gardening, growing a large number of vegetables; I am occupied in my greenhouse with modest orchid collection. Then there is the matter of 50 years accumulation of stuff, muchof which is now in need of repair or waiting to be discarded. I was told by a former boss that I would be far busier in retirement than in a working career. His comment seemed difficult to understand at the time, but it is now a reality. Naturally, we both made "vacations" to hospital with ailments of aging. As I said, everything needs repair. I look forward to meeting old friends at our reunion.
Emily Rich Summers
In the last ten years, I have watched my eight grandchildren become young adults. Four of the eight are in college, spread all around the country, from Cal Berkeley to Texas University to Michigan. One just graduated from SMU and is working in New York. Steve and I recently celebrated our 56th anniversary. Happily, all three of our children returned to Dallas after college. We meet every Monday night for family dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.

I am working on restoring and expanding the Owen Fine Arts Center at SMU, my alma mater. The Trinity Park Conservancy, a significant parks project underway in Dallas, is also a favorite interest for many years.

Emily Summer Design Associates, my interior architecture and design firm, started in 1979, is going strong, keeping me very busy. I completed a book on my selected projects three years ago, "Emily Summers, Distinctly Modern Interiors," with Rizzoli. I am incredibly proud to be named one of the Archtectural Digest 100. I plan to ignore retirement.
Larri Deane Hirschklau (ex-Lewis)
Let's see, what have I been doing for the last ten years? I was thinking ..."Much the same as the previous ten years but slower and with bionic parts"...pottery making and selling, reading and discussing books, exercising (let's pretend that I enjoy it), serving as a librarian at a residential recovery treatment facility, serving women with children under five (for which I wrote the grant application esablishing the library), cooking, spoiling my spouse (true), non-profit board work, enjoying traveling to Annecy, France to see grandsons 9 and 13 ... with side trips around Europe...many good rich things....And conversely ... cursing Covid, fearing a loss of Democracy, adjusting to changes...sigh. And then...Being grateful for the good.

Terry Evans (ex-Hoyt)
As ever, my greatest loves are my family and my photography.
Sam and I have been married fifty-four years. We have two children and three grandchildren who are five and seven years old, all great lights in our lives. We will go to Thailand to visit our grandsons in October and we go often from our Chicago home to visit our granddaughter in the Boston area.

I continue my work in museum and gallery exhibitions, zoom talks, and discussions, and best of all making new work as I explore prairies and other landscapes. Check out

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

Hal Klee
Now enjoying retirement for some 28 years, the same as my time in the USAF! Since our last reunion, travels to Portugal's Azore Islands and Madeira have been the punctuation. Have given up flying AND driving, but still into boating. No more sailing, but just cruising a bit on the Chesapeake with a Carver 3207. For three years, I justified the boat, FREE WILL, by renting it as a b&b for overnights in Urbanna, VA. Active with the Faith & Leadership Forum at Farmington C.C., Charlottesville and Americans for Prosperity, a national lobbying group for economic development. To my classmates, thanks for all the lasting friendships and fond memories.
Stephen Koshland
I'M A TRUE MISSOURI EDUCATED GUY! From Faxon to Southwest to UM-Columbia (B.S., MS Electrical Engineering, Physics to UMKC School of Dentistry). I practiced Dentistry in Prairee Village for almost 40 years before retiring (post-Covid). Now I am a Certified KC Master Gardener and volunteer with the KC Community Garden. I continue to enjoy playing serious classical piano, while enjoying nature bridge, chess, photography, cooking, birding, and traveling the world!
My wife and I currently live on acreage inGreenwood, MO. Would welcome any reunions!
Mary Evey (ex-Dailey)
After a year at Missouri, my twin sister, Margaret, and I were hired by Braniff. I met my first husband on a flight to Dallas. I earned a BSN degree from Texas Women's University. I divorced and moved to Palm Desert. My career in California as director of nursing centered around the emergence of a new stay of living for people over 55. I worked at the Betty Ford Center for several years. I met my second husband, Stuart Evey, who founded ESPN. I attended almost every sporting event around the world. I have jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet, sat in the passanger side of a pace car at the Indy 500, stood on the sidelines during a Rams game, joked with Jack Lemmon, shared racing forms with Fred Astaire, danced with Lawrence Welk. Widowed, I now live in Spokane. I have two stepdaughters and three grandschildren. I volunteer at a local grade school and play golf.
Ronald Grossmann
Long-scheduled commitments will prevent my coming to the SWHS reunion this year. Very sad to have to miss out on the fun, but even so, just thinking about the event has brought back many great memories of high school goings-on and still valued friendships.
I have enclosed a photo of me and my wife (Jo), taken at a ballroom dance event that we attended not long ago. She's a great dancer, and I do my best not to wreck too many steps on the dance floor. We have been taking dance lessons for several years since I retired, and have been participating in ballroom dance competitions (in Oregon, Texas, Florida, Arizona and California so far ... none in Missouri yet--good exercise and very challenging mentally. Summer hiking and winter skiing have been great fun for us. Now that we're both over age 75, we qualify to "ski for free" at Mt. Hood Meadows, where we have had season passes for many years.
Sending Best Wishes to all, and looking forward to hearing more about the Reunion!
Carol Cole Kleinman
I am happy with my life. I made the right decision after college to move to Washington DC where I have lived (actually in Chevy Chase, Maryland) since 1966. After high school, I graduated from Northwestern University, then went on to receive my law degree with honors and then my medical degree, both from George Washington University. A lot of education! I am Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology and in Forensic Psychiatry. I had my own practice in general and forensic psychiatry until earlier this year. I also served as president of the Washington Psychiatric Society. As a forensic psychiatrist I have been involved in several page one cases as an expert.
Now in semi-retirement, my passion is painting. I have a studio in a building with 9 other women. My mediums are watercolor and acrylic and I have entered many shows and won a few awards, including blue ribbons.
I am happily remarried. My husband, Wayne Pines, continues to work as a regulatory and media consultant. He was associate commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and has published 15 books, with the latest just published. Between us, we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren, 5 each. The oldest is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr and the youngest is in 4th grade.
I wish for good health (physical and mental) for my family and friends so that we can continue to share many happy times together.
Cheryl Stevens Schneider
Technically I graduated with the class of '62; however, at the end of my junior year I joined my parents in Toluca, Mexico. Credits from the Universidad del Estado de Mexico allowed me to graduate. At the beginning of what would have been our senior year, we moved to Ankara, Turkey where I headed an English language program for the Turkish Ministry of Statistics. I was also lucky enought to be asked to model for the Turkish government to promote the idea of ready-made clothes which allowed me to ravel throughout Turkey. I returned to the States to attend LSU, graduating with a degree in Animal Science. Not enamored with the choices of graduate school programs, I took a job as a travel agent, eventually buying the travel agency. Twelve years later I married the love of my life and established a retail business. I retired in 2005. Since then, I have indulged a lifelong passion for photography. Today I am an active wildlife, equine and travel photographer ( I have been fortunate to have traveled to all seven continents and over 70 countries and still counting.
I am blessed to have three amazing step-sons. They are their families (including four grandchildren and one great-grandchild) have enriched my life immeasurably, I am very lucky lady!
Bonny McAllister (ex-Halbeck)
Greetings everyone! This past summer my husband, Newman, and I celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. We have two sons and five grandchildren, all of whom are exceptional, of course! We are a closely-knit family, despite living in three different states. Since 2012 I have played in our church handbell choir, made lots of quilts, and play a better game of bridge. I've read lots of books with my bookclub and volunteer for our Friends of the Library. One huge accomplishment was finding a solution for over thirty years of frequent and severe migraines. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. Your reunion committee is planning a fun-filled weekend of activities. Be there!
Ralph Jacobson

After attending Washington U. and Stanford Law School (where I shared an apartment with MBA scholar, John Rollins) and a stint with Legal Aid in Daly City, CA., I started a civil litigation law firm with a friend in 1972 in Berkeley, later in Orinda, California.
I am still there part-time, some 53 years later. I have a wife and a 32-year old son, a transportation planner, one or more grandkids hopefully coming soon: right now, they have a Samoyed with 3,000 followers on Instagram.
In 1967, John Rollins and I attended Super Bowl 1 to see the Chiefs. In 1976 I won a car on Name That Tune. Those times, along with a nice career and family, are my claims to fame. I attribute any professional success to Mrs. McCaffrey's senior English class.
Linda Waterhouse (ex-Lenge)
I graduated from Simmons College in 1966 and married Stephen Waterhouse in 1967. We have two children--a lawyer in New York and an Association Executive in the Washington, DC area--and 1 grandchild. We currently split our time mainly between London, England and a couple of locations on the East Coast, US.
Woody Cozad
Graduated from Westminster College and spent three years in the Navy, including a year commanding River Patrol Boats in the Mekong Delta and around the Parrot's Beak of Cambodia. After Law School at the University of Missouri, I practiced law for thirty years in Kansas City. In 2003, I started a lobbying firm that operates principally in Jefferson City.

I had the good fortune to chair the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, the Missouri Republican Party, and served on the Board of the University of Missouri System.

In 1978 Linda Hickerson of Independence married me for  reasons that she still can't explain. We live in a Victorian farm house in rural Platte County. Linda served as President of several civic groups and now gives her attention to three dogs, six horses, and her books. My entire life has been better than I've deserved.
Webb Gilmore
After 40 very active years in my law practice and public service, I have retired from and reduced my involvement in these areas. My primary devotion now is my family and friends, my dog, and various personal interests and projects, including family photos, family ancestry research, reading, and various other activities and projects. In the last few years I have struggled, as many of us do, with some health issues that have curtailed my lifestyle. But I am fortunate and grateful that I am able to attend our reunion and reconnect with classmates. I look forward to seeing everyone.
Gail (Henry) Stauffer
Life is good. After time as an art teacher in California, then a park service ranger and realtor in Utah, I retired and moved to western Colorado. After my husband's passing, I returned to my mountain home only to lose everything in the Brian Head, UT forest fire of 2017. I relocated to my ranch in southern Utah and worked designing and supervising a new mountain home. I divide my time between my two places, which are close to Zion, Bryce Canyon and various national monuments. I spend time hiking, exploring and riding my mules. Just enjoying living the rural western lifestyle.
Peter Levi
In 2009, I retired from nearly 20 years as President and CEO of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and accepted the opportunity to be a partner in the KC-based national Polsinelli law firm. Having been more than 50 years out of law school, my practice was in the area of public policy (lobbying) for corporate and governmental clients in DC, Jeff City, Topeka and here in KC. Then in 2017 I truly retired. During all those years, I've served on numerous community, hospital, religious and educational boards. My wife of 53 years, Enid, and I live in Leawood are fortunate to spend winters in Naples, FL. We have traveled extensively, most often to Israel, but also to many parts of the world for business and pleasure. I play lots of golf, but at a mediocre level. We enjoy time with our sons in Ft Worth and San Francisco and their families. All in all, life is good.
Jean Throckmorton Jakes
Like I imagine many of us, my life has been much curtailed by Covid precautions and look forward to better times. Before the outbreak I spent my Sundays as a volunteer at the Smithsonian Indian museum and my weekends at my local OLLI learning in retirement campus. Two of my children live far from Washington so I try to travel to be with them once a year in Montana and Rome. I'm grateful for friendships and family.
Jack Litman
The picture is of my son, Rob, and me as teachers at the last day of Sunday school this year. Rob was 6 at the SWHS 40th reunion when I won an "award" for the oldest parent! He's about to get a second degree in engineering as he says he wants to be part of the solution to the many problems that face us.
Both my wife and I "still work." She's a realtor and I a psychologist. However, as I wrote this, our brick-and-mortar clinic is ending in one day and I shall work a reduced schedule from home that includes teletherapy and forensic evalutions in other settings.
I became involved again in Judaism in Santa Fe (the enchantment thing) before I came to the Pacific Northwest in 1983. It was here that I became involved in building the first ground-up synagogue in southwest Washington.
I remain very active physically. Running, tennis, bicycling have changed to long-distance bicycling, golf, and weights.
Working in forensic psychology has resulted in more global musings about psychopathology. Such dark fascinations have yet to produce pulp or treatises other than lots of evaluations, but, Who Knows What...the next iteration of evil might drive me to produce?
Star Elton
Reitred in Myrtle Beach, SC. 55 years flying helicopters all over the world. What a bitchin job.
Kim Judd
I currently reside in Topeka, KS, having moved from San Antonio 5 years ago. I remarried 7 years ago to a wonderful woman, Kay. I retired from the Army as a LTC in 1989 after serving 21 years on active duty. I spent another 22 years as a Civil Service Attorney and as a Government Contractor.
I retired from active law practice in 2013. I'm a member of the Missouri and United States Supreme Court Bars. My hobbies are traveling with Kay, listening to all kinds of music (especially youtube music), and cheering on my son, Ed, who is a professional musician in Las Vegas.
I'm currently described by others as a radical semi-fascist treat to democracy. I describe myself as a staunch believer in our Constitutional Republic, who believes in keeping America great.
Susan May (ex-Bauer)
In 2005 I joined my husband, Brian, in retirement and we filled the next 13 years with travel in the US, Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. In between trips I worked with our local Library Foundation, learning so much and opening new doors. Also, during that time both our kids got married and started families, which added a wonderful dimension to our lives. AND 40 years of faithfully following the SF Giants paid off with three World Series wins! Though we lost Brian 4 years ago, I'm blessed to have kids and grandkids in the Bay Area, so life moves at a good clip. I'm so grateful to be part of their lives, while also enjoying friends, some golf, a little quilting, reading, and baseball games.
Francie Austin (ex-Feild)
Francie Feild Austin lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona and is the Founder, President and CEO of the Austin Centers for Exceptional Students. This chain of private special education day schools is the largest private provider of special education services in the state and specializes in students with severe emotional disabilities, autism, and intellectual disabilities who also have severe behavioral challenges. In the educational community, the schools are known as The Aces. They have been awarded National Schools of Excellence for the past eight years.

Francie's husband, Gene Austin, with whom she founded the schools, died in 2005. In 2012 Francie married Dick Mallery, a Phoenix attorney. Together they have seven children, 17 grandschildren and a rescued Golden Retriever. Francie enjoys spending time with grandchildren, traveling, working out and expanding The ACES educational services. She and Dick have a small ranch in the national forest an hour and a half north of Phoenix. She loves spending time there in serenity with an abundance of elk and deer. Civic interests include a variety of profressional organizations, animal rescue and assisting capable students from low income families to obtain a college education.

If I have been able to accomplish anything professionally, it would be due to the academic rigor at Southwest. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Doug Pillsbury
My post-'62 journey really began when I graduated UMKC ('67) with a 4-year degree in 5 years and a pregnant wife. I then entered the Air Force (United States). After training, I was sent (1969-71) to Arizona for 2 years: high temp in my last summer there: 115F. Next assignment: the Canadian high Arctic. Low winter temp: -85F. Like the guy w/his head in the fridge & feet in the oven: on average, I was fairly comfy.

In '73 we returned to KC where I went into real estate sales w/ Kroh Bros. That decision lasted 30 yars, during which I actually performed every job there is in residential real estate: from agent, appraiser & mortage loan officer, to Training Director, Branch Office Manager, Director of Corporate Relocation & Gen Mgr of multi-office real estate companies (2). Except for property management (YUCK!).

"What a long, strange trip it's been!" Among my greatest accomplishments: the lifelong friends I've made through my biz & the wealth I helped create for the many clients and customers of both mine and the Realtors I managed.

But, as for the rest of you, as I read the litanies of your (unsurprising) great successes & great achievements, I remember Will Rogers: "We can't all be heroes. Some of us just have to stand on the curb & salute as they march by." It is my great pleaure to do so, for you, & my great privilege & honor to be counted among your number.
Barbara Levitch Paull
Not much has changed for me since writing my 50th reunion personal profile ditty:
Same spouse; same house; same business; lucky to have my two sons married to two lovely daughters-in-law + 5 grandkids all living here in Houston. Lost the Shih Tzus and my waistline, but survived Covid and hurricanes. Still here.
Gayle Fischer (ex-Pugh)
Warm greetings to all my classmates as we attain 60 years since our high school graduation--a mementous occasion to celebrate. If you have not read Jeff Hantover's poems, make sure you do. Jeff, your poems are so thoughtful, brilliant, and insightful; thank you. We are blessed to have you in our class.
I for one, and we who are still here, certainly know that life is beautiful, precious and fragile. As I travel my own personal journey of life, I find myself in a state of reflection. My life has been richly blessed, and I am thankful. But now I am learning how navigate solo after losing my life partner and best friend of 53 years, John, last December. During this time I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and currently undergoing successful treatment. (It was a surprise, and I send this message to my other 78-year old friends: keep having your yearly mammograms!)
I am still strong in mind and spirit, and I now look ahead in a search for what the future has in store for me in the next ten years (and I am open to any pieces of sage and sane suggestions). I keep strong physically by playing pickleball and I swim almost every day. I am trying to learn line-dancing.
I have two beautiful daughters, both living close by, one with my two older grandchildren, and the other with my two younger ones--the lively "cub bears!" They all keep me busy. I continue to experience all the spectacular sunsets in our beautiful Gold Canyon desert. Come and visit!
Andrew Campbell
Ann and I are retired, still in southern California. During the last 10 years, we've enjoyed a lot of golf, especially as we've traveled around the U.S. and to 26 countries. Best advice from a caddie was "lay it up by the warthog" (in Zimbabwe). A very rewarding sight was the only water spigot in a small village in Tanzania that had been funded by a grant from Rotary International, in which I've been active for 39 years. Family includes daughters, granddaughter in New York City, and grandkids with two greats--in Colorado. I'm sure my having survived several cancers maches the experiences of more than a few classmats--we really appreciate our golden years. Church choir keeps me busy on Sundays and an old (by California standards) house makes for much maintenance on the rest of the days.
Walter Willmert
A marginally uneventful 10 years since the last reunion. Well...there was that pandemic thing. My children basically forbad us from leaving the house for over 6 months, the local ones shopping for us. I had been business manager for a small, local aerospace engineering company for near 30 years, which went bankrupt. So I became sort of involuntarily retired. Survived the pandemic watching old British shows on Britbox streaming.

One highlight was touring central Italy with a small choir in 2013. Unexpected delight: the duomo in Siena. Staying in a 14th century castle/winery in Tuscany, with chianti tasting. The Uffizi, of course: 4 Botticellis in one room! I am a big, though superficial, fan of Renaissance art.

I spend my days in the socially unproductive endeavor of trading the vicissitudes of the stock market. Some say this is a fool's quest. They may be right.
Carolyn Elman (ex-Bufton)
We lived in eight different cities and made twenty summer hiking tips following the Grande Rendonee footpaths in France. After twenty-five years as Executive Director of the American Business Women's Association, I now relax for four months on a river in Wisconsin and winter in Kansas City. I enjoy my book clubs, bridge, Mah Jongg, the 1830's house and barn we renovated in central MO, along with trips to North Carolina to visit grandchildren. Moving a bit slower, but I still know where I am and what day it is most of the time.
Cheryl Grantham (ex-Richards)
I live in San Diego, California in the community of Scripps Ranch with my retired dentist husband, Gary. We have been married for 56 years and our two sons and four grandchildren live nearby. In pursuing our passion for travel we have visited 83 foreign countries and all seven continents. Over the years I have done volunteer work for several Navy Wives' Clubs, the Navy Relief Society, Navy Medical Center, San Diego and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. I enjoy going to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World and attending Padres baseball games. Being a Navy wife, I have lived in Japan, Hawaii, Pensacola, FL and all over California. We are currently in our home in Scripps Ranch that we bought in 1983.
Arlie Russell
First, I retired from my job as an IT consultant. My firm worked mostly with major law firms. I am a certified ITIL/ITSM specialist and worked with the firms to assess their IT processes and advise improvement.

I joined the DAR. We are a 501-3C charity. I am the Literacy Committee chair and I put up and maintain Little Free Libraries. I served as Recording Secretary and am now the Corresponding Secretary. The Librarian and I started a local DAR bookclub, and I also serve on the committee for homeless veterans.

I'm active on "Next Door" and joined the Book Club at inception. I love this club, not only for the friendships we formed, but for all the book genres I would not otherwise have explored.

In 2020 I returned to the job market and worked as a Census Enumerator, a job I truly loved. I met so many great people, including some who insisted in giving me little gifts.

Las major thing is the beautiful baby girl my younger daughter had this year. Both of my girls had fertility issues, but both have beautiful daughters now.
Rich Palmer
In the last decade, our family has grown by a granddaughter, a grandson (for a total of 4 grandkids), and just this past December, by a son-in-law. I'm an official Florida resident, spending winter and spring in Palm Beach, and summer and fall in Maryland.

I've been married for 37 years and retired from my career as an investment manager for 11. I still read the WSJ 6 days a week, cover to cover. I love thoroughbred horse racing and read the Daily Racing Form almost as regularly; nothing's changed there! I'm still connected to two volunteer Boards: McDaniel College in Maryland as emeritus Trustee, and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, NY.

It's astounding that 60 years have passed and sobering that we've lost many classmates. I relished my time at Southwest and remember the Class of '62 with affection.
William Behrens
Tempus fugit! Pam and I both retired in 2019. I closed my IT equipment business, and she left the corporate management world to devote more time to updating the Honey-Do list. Oh well, so much for unlimited R&R. 2020 was a wonderful year as our son, Will, married his beautiful bride, Krin; and 2021 brought us the additional blessing of our first grandson, Henry (the fifth). We visited with them this summer in Germany where Will is serving with the USAF. Pam and I are active members of the Episcopal Church of the Annunciation, Lewisville, TX, and work with several ministries helping our church family and community. We are blessed with a wonderful family, good neighbors, good health (with the usual aches and pains of aging), and our Grand-dog, Babar, a Shiba Inu. No complaints. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion!
Connie Clay Loosli
I have been lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful, active, productive life with wonderful family and friends. After college, I married Al Loosli and the fun adventures started. After many moves (6 states) for medical training and a stint in the military, we settled in Walnut Creek, California on a small lake at the foot of Mt. Diablo. During all the moves I was able to use my double major in English and Art, with a teaching credential. My husband's career in Sports Medicine led him to becoming a doctor to many Olympians. I got to enjoy many Olympic trips (10 officially). In 2004 we bought property in Costa Rica and built a house which we still continue to use on a regular basis and rent out.

My career in education took me from the classroom to Education Director at The Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital/Visitor Center and a reputation as a specialist in science education through the use of animals and our natural environment. I have sung in many choirs and small groups over the years. I continue to enjoy tennis, snow and waterskiing, hiking, camping, riding and pretty much anything in the outdoors.

I feel lucky to have been married to a wonderful man for 55 years, who passed away July 15, 2022. The next phase of my life is just starting. I am in the process of writing and illustrating a children's book and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren who keep me plenty busy.
John Shelton
Lucy and I married in 1985 and have two sons. One is an asset manager in Alabama, the other is a Naval Aviator in California. We became grandparents for the first time on Fathers' Day this year. I'm with a NYSE member firm and every day I'm grateful for the engineering education that really started at SW with great teachers and classmates and continued through the years at Cornell and later the Naval Postgraduate School. Lived in northern California for several stints that added up to about 20 years but returned to Kansas City when we started our family. Still fly with Civil Air Patrol where I've been a mission pilot and check airman, involved with execution of our missions and command & control communications. Oh, and I'm a "BBQ judge" certified the by Kansas City Barbecue Society. I get to judge the American Royal World Series of BBQ this year.
Staley McDermet
In 2010 I concluded my career as a historic preservation architect and retired. However, I continued to work on a late 18th century farm house preservation and restoration project in Vermont--our home. After 34 years in the urban environment of Salem, Massachusetts, living since 2005 in the Vermont woods has certain been a distinct but very pleasant and relaxing change. However, Beth, my wife of 51 years, sometimes wishes we lived just a little closer to civilization.

Besides restoring our house and barn, I am active in our small Marlboro community, currently serving on the Planning Commission as a trustee of the historical society, and previously as a board member of a local association tasked with forest preservation. It seems that my main interest has changed from preservation of the built environment to preservation of the natural environment and prevention of habitat and forest fragmentation.